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Class Dates


Ace That Audition
Tuesday 30th June and Tuesday 7th July @ 7pm

An Introduction To Self-Tapes
Wednesday 8th and 22nd July @ 7pm

How to Work on a Scene
Friday 10th and 24th July @ 7pm.

How An Actor Prepares
Friday 3rd and 17th July @ 7pm

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Online Zoom Classes

Adult Classes

We have successfully transferred our current long form courses to an online format teaching primarily via Zoom. Building on the success of these classes we are now offering a series of classes via Zoom.

Classes are 1.5 hours long and cost £10 each. There are Four subjects to choose from this month and you can choose to do one, some or all of them (there are two dates for each subject but both classes will be the same so 4 is the maximum you can do).

We will also be offering a number of FREE webinars called Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Actor Training But Were Afraid To Ask. This will be an opportunity hear from and ask questions to some actor training experts. Dates coming soon. Classes will begin in July.

The industry has been going through significant changes over the last few years with self-tapes (auditions/castings recorded by the actor at home and then sent in) starting to become the normal. Many Casting Directors, Directors and Agents were already conducting much of their work online and post Covid-19 it is likely that this will become the industry standard.

Geography will no longer be a barrier to opportunity and the acting community will be truly global. It is therefore vital that actors in training are at ease, familiar with, and able to work professionally in, this new digital age.

Ace That Audition with Janette Eddisford

A chance to learn about the core skills involved in researching, preparing and presenting an audition speech. This will be extremely useful for anyone taking drama school auditions or looking to audition for local theatre groups. Janette is a highly experienced actor and director and also the Principal of ACT so she knows a thing or two about auditions.

Dates: Tuesday 30th June and Tuesday 7th July @ 7pm.

An Introduction To Self-Tapes with William Ellis

Self Tapes (auditions/castings recorded by the actor at home and then sent in) are becoming the industry norm. This introductory session will take you through the basic do's and don’ts of making a self-tape as well as explaining how they work and how best to prepare for them.

Dates: Wednesday 8th and 22nd July @ 7pm.

How to Work on a Scene with Sian Webber

When actors say they are working on a scene - what does that mean? How do they go about it? Your chance to learn how to break down a scene in a script and bring it to life. Sian has a vast working knowledge of scripts from a career in classical theatre as well as primetime TV appearances as EastEnders regular Ritchie Scott.

Dates: Friday 10th and 24th July @ 7pm.

How An Actor Prepares with Daniel Finlay

How do actors prepare for a role, a performance or an audition. How do they work on their scripts or learn the lines and what work do they need to do outside of rehearsals. This class will cover the core skills of the actor as well as demistifying the process. Daniel is Head of Acting at ACT so knows all about training actors.

Dates: Friday 3rd and 17th July @ 7pm.