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Acting English:

Course Dates:

26th May - 2nd June
10th - 14th July
17th - 21st July
14th - 18th August

Course Costs:

Fees are for the course only and do not cover travel or accommodation.

The Academy Of Creative Training reserves the right to alter the advertised course and course content.

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ACTing English - Course Details


The course is one week long and runs from Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm. There are four to five sessions each day covering a range of subjects which include; Voice, Movement, Acting Technique, Presentation, Improvisation, Working With Text and a Script in Hand Performance.

The course will cover core skills in acting but the main ephasis is on the acting challanges of working in English for non native speakers.

Key Skills For Development

Movement is an essential part of the Actors tool kit. In these sessions we will be looking at the core aspects of the physical side of acting and physical expression. From special awareness, flexibility and core strength as well as focusing on how the body communicates meaning and the connection of thought, action and speech. For this course there will be a special focus on this 'communication of meaning' looking specifically at body language and gesture in self-expression and how these link to different languages, cultures and national traits. These sessions will link with the Voice classes as expression and fluency of language is directly linked to our physicality. For those participants wishing to enhance their communication and public speaking abilities these Movement sessions will be invaluable in helping them to develop and enhance their physical presentation skills.

Voice will cover the core aspects of the vocal side of acting and presentation, looking at the fundamentals skills of projection, breath support, articulation and sound. There will be a special emphasis on pronunciation and intonation. The musculature of the face and head are what enable us to produce the sounds particular to our own language. Each native language speaker has different challenges when it comes to speaking English and we will give general guidance as well as individual attention to each student's needs in this regard. A daily workout of the muscles of the face and head as well as of the body will help build muscle memory and enable physical fluency.

Acting & Presentation Technique
Acting & Presentation Technique will look at how we communicate with an audience and each other both vocally and physically and how we can develop techniques and skills to take words from the page and effectively communicate their meaning to others. The session will also look at the preparation and dealing with nerves as well as use of space. The Working With Text module will build on these techniques and allow participants to try them out with a variety of different styles of text.

Improvisation is a vital tool for the actor and anyone working in a live environment. As well as developing key skills in listening, being in the moment and spontaneity, improvisation can help with our everyday communications to develop conversations that build trust and spark relationships. The added element of improvising in a second language throws up all sorts of possibilities and these sessions aim to create a safe space for the participants to explore and develop their ability to literally 'think on their feet' to enhance their communication skills and build confidence and fluency.

Working With Text
These sessions will look at working with, and the interpretation of, a range of play scripts both modern and classical. Actors need a set of robust tools in order to interpret and realise scripts and these sessions will look at developing and using these tools as well as allowing the students to exploring a range of different language challenges for actors working in a second language. These challenges will include; examining classical language such as Shakespeare and restoration as well as dealing with colloquialisms and the modern vernacular of contemporary text.

Script In Hand Performance
The culmination of the weeks work will be a short presentation to an invited audience of a scripted performance in our professional theatre space - The Lantern Theatre.

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