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20th November - Friday
4th December - Friday
18th December - Friday

There is no fee for Zoom auditions.

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Covid-19 Update

Adult Classes

Diploma & Foundation

We are now back and working in our spaces with the majority of our classes being in person. We are working with social distancing and are taking precutions to stay Covid-19 safe.

We are open for new applications:

Our Foundation course starts on the 18th of October 2020 and the Two Year Diploma in Acting starts in January 2021. At present we are holding auditions via Zoom - Zoom Audition Now.

The Foundation course will run for an initial 8-week term with our normal 12-week terms commencing in January.

Obviously, we do not know what the future will bring or what new restrictions may come into place. However, we do know that we can successfully deliver the courses online if need be. We are hopeful that many restrictions will continue to be eased but have planned for being fully online and a mixture of online and socially distanced classes so that we can easily move to meet any future government guidelines.

The live performance element of the course is still limited but we can do socially distanced and live streamed performances and have restructured to accommodate the ‘public performance’ element once we are able.

In terms of working online the industry has been going through significant changes over the last few years with self-tapes (auditions/castings recorded by the actor at home and then sent in) starting to become the normal. Many Casting Directors, Directors and Agents were already conducting much of their work online and post Covid-19 it is likely that this will become the industry standard.

Geography will no longer be a barrier to opportunity and the acting community will be truly global. It is therefore vital that actors in training are at ease, familiar with, and able to work professionally in, this new digital age.

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The Workshop

The two week workshop is back up and running with the majority of sessions in person and a couple via Zoom (for the moment for safety reasons). We are working with social distancing and are taking precutions to stay Covid-19 safe. We have reduced the number of participants that can take part in order to maintain social distancing.

We recommend booking your place early as each workshop has a limited amount of space.

Two Week Workshop

Children & Young People

Our Saturday classes for children and young people have now resumed. We are working with social distancing and are taking precutions to stay Covid-19 safe..

Please see our AKT Pages for more details.