AKT Youth Theatre 2010

FUGEE by Abi Morgan

The Old Market, Hove.
2nd & 3rd May 2010

Directed by Elaine Heath

Fugee: Slang for refugee of political oppression or natural disaster.
Fugeed: Something that has been lived in, soiled, stained or damaged.

Kojo is 14 but no one believes him; he's just one of the unaccompanied minors arriving in London, abandoned on the streets of the UK. Ara's from Baghdad and still hears the bombs at night. Cheung can do back flips and is from village in China that is more than a thousand years old. Orphans in London, they are the only family they have now. Together they tell Kojo's story: a story of lost childhood, tall trees and a murder in motion; a murder by a child that everyone says is a man.

AKT Youth Theatre are the oldest of our AKT - Act Kids Theatre groups which meet during term time on a Saturday morning. AKT Youth won 1st Place in 'Group Acted Scene' at this year's Springboard Brighton and Hove Youth Performing Arts Festival with an extract from Fugee. For more details please visit our AKT pages.

Part of the Brighton Fringe Festival
Fringe venue: 145