Students on the Two Year Diploma and One Year Foundation are eligible to apply for a Career Development Loan to fund their fees and, in some cases living expenses may be included in the loan. You can borrow between £300 and £10,000 to help support the cost of up to two years of learning (or three years if it includes one year's relevant unpaid practical work). The government through the duration of the course pays interest on the loan. The loan can be used to pay course fees or other costs such as travel and living expenses. You can also use the loan to supplement other forms of support such as grants or bursaries. More information can be found on their website If you want to receive an information pack about Career Development Loans, call 0800 585 505.

Local authority grants are very rare. More common are contributions from charitable trusts. It is necessary to do your own research, since your eligibility for a particular charity may depend on your region, your background and your ethnic origin. In addition, there is a publication: The Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need, available at most Citizens' Advice Bureaux. For more information follow this link

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