Two Year Diploma 2007-2009

by Charles Dickens
St Nicholas Church, Brighton
December 14-16 2008

Directed by Damien Goodwin

Neil Bartlett's powerful and exciting adaptation of a much-loved story.

Regarded by many as Charles Dickens' greatest novel Great Expectations is the story of a young orphan Pip whose path through life will be largely shaped by two experiences in his early years, which turn out to have far reaching consequences. Pip first has a dramatic encounter with escaped convict Magwitch, whom he befriends. He then meets the eccentric spinster Miss Havisham's beautiful and spiteful adopted daughter Estella...

From the opening image of little Pip, alone on the windswept marshes, to the haunted darkness of mad Miss Havisham's cobweb-strewn lair, let this adaptation take you on a journey right to the heart of Dickens' unforgettable tale. 'Bartlett's inventive and atmospheric adaptation brings to thrilling theatrical life this classic exploration of childhood terrors and hopes - and adult dreams and regrets'.

'This is a new Dickens for a new century, and it is fabulous.'


Young Pip ... Robin Hannagan
Old Pip ... Jason Kennedy
Joe Gargery ... Laurie Cannon
Jaggers/A Sergeant ... Murray Simon
Herbert Pocket/Soldier ... George Trotter
Magwich/Mr Camilla ... Amr Mallassi
Pumblechook/Bentley Drummie ... Charles Church
Mrs Joe/Camilla ... Jessica Laity-Jones
Miss Havisham ... Susan Manning
Young Estella/Mrs Wopsle ... Sarah Barfoot
Old Estella/Compeyson ... Claire Chard
Biddy/Wemmick ... Anastasia Anisimova
Sarah Pocket/Company Narrator ... Lis Long

Directed by Damien Goodwin

Lighting Design & Operation ... Geoff Hense
Production Assistant ... Chris O'Donnell