Graduates 2021 & Digital Showcase 2021

Graduates 2021 & Digital Showcase 2021

The best and the brightest of Brighton's new acting talent

Our 2021 graduates have already acquired substantial stage and film experience and are an extremely diverse and highly castable group in terms of age, type and ethnicity.

The academy positively encourages students who have had considerable life experience, having already pursued other careers and life ambitions. Having rigorously applied themselves to their actor training; these graduate actors now bring humanity, depth and understanding to their performances.

Each graduate has their own Graduation Page - Click on their photo to go to their page with their filmed duologue, monologue, credits and biography.

Michael Bucke Ela Chapman Tia Dunn
Sam Hauschild Charlie Hesketh Michael Knighton
William MacNair Maisie O'Malley Catie Ridewood
Emma Walsh